Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Play videos with subtitles on your Xbox

If you're trying to share video from your computer to your Xbox, you'll notice that the gaming system does not support subtitle (.srt) files. Same goes for Windows Media Center. While adding a media extender to your Xbox will allow you to play .mkv and other unsupported Xbox formats on your TV, subtitles are still not supported. TVersity will help you get around these problems.

Follow the instructions HERE
  • For step 2, the new version of TVersity does not give you the option of not including its codec pack in the installation. Simply install the program and DO NOT uninstall the codec pack from your control panel.
  • All the other steps are straightforward. You can open each program through your start menu.

To share your computer's media to your Xbox, TVersity must be open when accessing files from your Xbox. When accessing media on the Xbox, TVersity + your computer's name will show up under each media category.

IMPORTANT: Both the subtitle (.srt) file and the video itself must be in the same folder AND have the same file name. If not, the subtitle will not load when you open the video on your Xbox.

If you want to learn more about TVersity, read HERE