Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Traveling to Manhattan through Newark airport

A few tips for those traveling to the Big Apple through Newark airport.
  • An easy and cost effective way to get to Manhattan from Newark airport is the NJ Transit line. Take an AirTrain from the airport to the first NJ Transit stop and from there, hop on a train to New York Penn Station. Cost should be around $12 one-way. 
  • Arriving in Newark airport affords you a free ride on the AirTrain.
  • NJ Transit line does not run between 2am - 5am. This is what's stated on the website, but there may be trains that start at 4am.
Going back to Newark airport from Manhattan is pretty much the same. Take a NJ Transit train from New York Penn station to Newark airport. Remember to keep your train ticket as it allows you to take the AirTrain to the airport for free.

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